DC Impact F.A.Q.

About the DC Impact Wrench:

Troubleshooting the DC Impact Wrench:

Other Questions:

What makes the DC Impact better than other rechargeable impact wrenches?

The DC Impact wrench can perform as well as some of the most powerful pneumatics on the market. The design is what our customers told us they wanted: a tool that can do the job of a pneumatic impact wrench without the need for an air compressor. Although some hand-held re-chargeables exhibit a fair amount of output torque, they can not sustain it like the DC Impact wrench.

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How do I operate the tool?

If you have to ask the short answer is please don't.... the DCI1S (impact wrench) is a very powerful tool and basic to operate, but it is assumed that the operator will have a working knowledge of power tools. If not... the individual should not attempt to operate this or any power tool. It is recommended that the user should be adequately trained on the use of power tools and or impact wrenches.

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Can I use regular sockets with the tool?

Do not use regular sockets as they may chip or break, causing injuries. Use only the impact sockets designed for use with this tool.

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The DC Impact puts out a lot of torque, how do I regulate it ?

Those that have used the DC Impact a few times have said that they can regulate the output torque by sight and feel. For torque sensitive applications such as expensive alloy wheels, the utlitmate solution is using a "torque socket".

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Can I recharge the power pack with another battery charger?

No. The power pack battery charger is programmed to recharge the onboard battery quickly and efficiently. This ensures a long and trouble-free battery life. Using a different battery charger can shorten the battery life and weaken the performance of the tool. It is recomended that you charge the battery 2-4 hours before use. There is a green indicator light that will illuminate when the unit is fully charged.

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Can I use a DC Impact in rainy conditions ?

Yes. The tool and power pack are moisture resistant. Unlike 110 vac powered impact wrenches, the DC Impact does not expose the user to hazardous electrical shock in wet conditions. However, the tool should never be submerged in water.

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I charged the unit but it won’t work what’s up?

The tool is equipped with a power disconnect. This is, and should always be, disconnected during shipping to safeguard against accidental discharge. Simply connect the connectors and you are ready to go.

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What do I do if the light on the tool doesn’t come on?

The light operates independently from the tool. The on-off switch is located on the power pack just below the power cord. Don’t forget to turn it off it will cause a drain on the battery.

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If I'm in the military, what is the number I need to use for ordering?

DC I1S/ NSN 5130-01-536-6492

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