The DC Impact Wrench (NSN 5130-01-536-6492)

A portable impact wrench with heavy duty power

The DC Impact delivers sustained, heavy duty power in even the most challenging conditions, as demonstrated in its current, extensive use by the United States Army. Capable of providing over 400 ft/lbs of torque, the DC Impact operates off a water resistant, portable power pack. The DC Impact wrench provides sustained forward and reverse functionality powered by a sealed and maintenance free battery. This portable impact wrench is in a class of its own.

The DC Impact is designed to perform many of the same tasks as a 1/2 inch drive pneumatic impact wrench.

  • Maximum output torque (removing) = 450 foot pounds (tightening) = 425 foot pounds.
  • Impact wrench weight = 8.5 pounds.
  • Power pack weight = 21 pounds.
  • Power cord length = 6 feet.
  • Power cord jacket is oil resistant, 1/8 inch thick polyurethane.
  • Custom 12 volt DC motor has double ball bearings.
  • Tool housing is toughened Nylon 6.
  • Power pack housing is weather resistant polypropylene.
  • Impact wrench and power pack have a handle for easy carrying and control.
  • All switches are sealed for trouble-free operation.
  • Dual Impact assembly is hard-hitting, long- lasting, twin-hammer style.
  • Onboard light is Xenon gas filled to withstand high vibration and to provide the brightest light possible with less battery current used.
  • On board battery: powerful, long lasting VRLA design that can provide up to 625 amps in 5 second burst; sealed, rugged dry cell design; Military grade; resistant to vibration; deep discharge reserve power; two-year storage life; 8 to 12-year design life.
  • Onboard battery charger is a 3-stage automatic, which provides the longest lasting battery life possible.
  • Power pack has two high-current passing solenoid relays that have multi-layered silver coated contacts for long life.
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